Embracing Culture, Sonja Henderson and Mirtes Zwierzynski. Photo Credit: Marc Monaghan


Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to unite artists and communities in partnership to produce high quality public art, and to extend and transform the tradition of collaborative, community-involved, public artwork.

Our goals have remained consistent over more than 46 years of art making.

  • Design public art projects in partnership with the communities while maintaining a high level of artistic quality.

  • Introduce creative skills to children and adults, thereby providing them with tools to articulate their ideas and observations and the confidence to transform their physical environment.

  • Train and educate professional artists in the process of creating community responsive art projects, enabling them to become responsible leaders in the field of public art.

  • Educate communities to the social and aesthetic possibilities of collaborative public art.