Sculpture at Alcott College Prep

Chicago Public Art Group has partnered with Alcott College Prep to utilize the power of art to educate and build community with the students and faculty at Alcott College Prep High School. This work was made possible by the Ingenuity Creative Schools Fund.

For this project, Alcott students were led by CPAG artists John Pitman Weber and Anna Murphy, as well as Alyssa Medina, Alcott’s art teacher. Together, they created a 3D sculpture depicting the message “Love” using painted papier–mâché and mosaic tiles.

The process of creating the work consisted of multiple steps including developing the concept, sketching the design, sculpting the papier- mâché onto the template, painting the papier- mâché, and placing the intricate mosaic tiles. The final product was then installed above students’ lockers in a hallway of the school.

This powerful sculpture welcomes students, faculty, and visitors, while speaking to themes of community, multiculturalism, and dreams.