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Chicago Public Art Group provides organizations, agencies, and schools with skilled artistic leaders and the professional management needed to produce community landmarks—permanent, safe, meaningful, and beautiful murals, mosaics, sculptures, seating, banners, and space design.


Our approach to art education encourages discussion, collective decision-making, and collaboration. Projects may be integrated into the other subjects in the curriculum or may stand alone as an exploration of architecture, space, and ideas.

Community Groups

We design projects to meet the social and cultural goals of each client. Community dialogues, design sessions, visual research, oral histories, and problem solving sessions encourage communication and develop skills in working together.


In addition to producing new works of art, we are dedicated to the restoration of historic pieces of community art. We work with you to understand the historical significance of the work, develop a plan for restoration, and work with artists to restore the artwork. 

How It Works

1. Vision

We begin the process by meeting to identify your goals and the intended message of the project.

2. Funding

We will discuss funding to get a better idea of how your project will be financed. If your funding is not yet secured, we can help connect you with potential sources of funding.

3. Design

We help coordinate all groups, community members, and other stakeholders involved in the project. We then facilitate meetings and discussions, working with you to brainstorm and develop an overall design for the project.

4. Workshops and Fabrication

This is where participants begin the initial phase of creating the art under the guidance of lead artists. For painted murals, this involves drawing out or sketching the mural. For bricolage or mosaic murals, this stage involves creating sections of the mural to be installed.

5. Installation

This stage is when the designs come to life. Under the guidance of lead artists, participants can install the artwork onto the designated surface.

6. Unveiling

The final stage of the process is the unveiling of the newly created artwork. When the project is done, CPAG can plan an event that celebrates the artwork’s completion and the community's efforts.


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