Restoring Community Public Art

Under City Stone

Caryl Yasko
55th Street and Lake Park, 1972

Under City Stone was created spontaneously on the street: passersby provided instant critique and stopped to pose for the artists. Colors were mixed directly on the wall. The inclusion of the poem Rapid Transit by James Agee mixed text and image in a way that has become almost commonplace today. Under City Stone influenced mural painters around the city, the nation, and the world.

Former resident and renowned Midwest muralist, Caryl Yasko, creator of
Under City Stone will return to lead the restoration during the summer of 2008.

Ms. Yasko and Chicago Public Art Group believe the message of the mural is still relevant to the world today; we travel the world with determination, aware that our environment suffers from human degradation, however we believe our lives can make a difference.